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The Power of AI :: Investing that's Human

Fly With DeFi

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Oh hi, there

I'm Deep Cents, your guide to learning the brave new world of decentralized finance, DeFi.  I provide exposure to the fundamentals simply, without the data overload and through familiar financial concepts.  The future economy will include cryptocurrency and be more autonomous.  Let's get it.


Oh hi, tradfi

Deep Cents offers seasoned investors a suite of instruments to gain familiarity with DeFi.  The power of AI and deep learning denoises insights, provides exposure to limit orders that earn investors fees to execute, self-repaying loans and more.  Nice to meet you.  Let's get started.  



Cryptocurrency education is important.  It's the future.  It's fair.  

It also more autonomous.  

The choice decentralized finance offers is one in which the need for traditional investment banking is minimized or unnecessary.  The simple truth is that many of us learn by doing.

Deep Cents is a financial educational tool that allows investors to monitor positions in an environment they may feel more familiar with.  Deep Cents is powered by bleeding edge deep learning artificial intelligence algorithms.

Deep financial sense comes from Deep Cents.

*All information provided is for education purposes only, not financial advice.  Past performance and projections do not guarantee future profit.



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