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I'm a technical software professional with more than ten years of experience delivering large scale software applications and artificial intelligence solutions in a corporate environment.  A former Dance, English and Computer Science major at the University of Kansas, I've always thrived in an environment when I can straddle both the artistic side of the industry, as well as the technical.


On the design and management side, I've studied Interaction Design (UX) directly under Alan Cooper, inventor of Visual Basic and cofounder of the first ever user interaction design consulting firm.  Additionally, I worked directly under the architect of one of the largest scaled agile implementations in the world, and am an Agile and Scrum expert.

Today, I work on the blockchain.  If I'm honest, my heart will always lead me back to my core data analytics and artificial intelligence roots.  I love the world of decentralized finance, it's equity and fairness.  But, before it receives wider adoption, the new instruments being developed need to be demystified.  It can seem complex (and often is), but more than anything DeFi is just new!  

One of the more heart-breaking data points I absorbed was that half of all Uniswap V3 liquidity providers lose money on the protocol.  This is one example and there are many others, that point to the fact that many people are willing to learn, but are unsure where to start.

For investors who want automatic trading, this isn't the right tool.  There are many solid alternatives out there with more in the pipe every day.  At Deep Cents, we believe the future investor will want and in fact, need to understand how DeFi incentives work.  

At Deep Cents, we aim to solve this by unleashing the power of artificial intelligence to make DeFi intuitive to every investor, regardless of sophistication level.

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